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Birth Stones

March Aquamarine

Aquamarine, the lovely blue-green member of the beryl family, has been used in jewelry since the third century BC. And it is one of the most fashionable gemstones today. For hundreds of years it was called "The Sailor's Stone," due to its sea-like colors, ranging from a pale sky blue to deep blue-green, and was thought to protect sailors and people traveling over water.

The earliest Aquamarine probably came from India, where it was highly regarded by Hindu mystics as an aid to promoting mental clarity and to improving one's public speaking.

Even today, many people who believe in the spiritual properties of gemstones wear Aquamarine to give them religious and mental inspiration, provide inner calm and enhance both verbal and written communication. Aquamarine's popularity helped make it a March birthstone earlier this century.

Aquamarine is tough, durable and takes an excellent polish. Aquas can be worn in rings and bracelets with minimal risk if the settings are designed to protect the gems.

You don't have to be a sailor or a March-born baby to enjoy the beauty and sparkle of Aquamarine jewelry. It's a year-round treasure of a gem.